2018 Ford Expedition Inventory

Full-size SUVs make the perfect choice when you have a big family to cart around the Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Avon areas. With their spacious interiors and overall reliability, they should offer everything you need.

In this comparison, the Andy Mohr Ford team pits the Ford Expedition vs. the Chevy Tahoe and the GMC Yukon to determine which of these popular models has the most to offer local drivers.

Expedition vs Tahoe vs Yukon: Cargo Space2018 Ford Expedition Interior Space



Behind 1st Row


Behind 2nd Row


Behind 3rd Row

Ford Expedition

104.6 cu. ft.

57.5 cu. ft.

19.3 cu. ft.

Chevy Tahoe

94.7 cu. ft.

51.7 cu. ft.

15.3 cu. ft.

GMC Yukon

94.7 cu. ft.

51.7 cu. ft.

15.3 cu. ft.

Major cargo-carrying capabilities are a huge boon in a vehicle of this size. After all, it may be your frequent family vacation car, or your next moving vehicle.

The 2018 Ford Expedition really comes out on top in terms of cargo capabilities. With the second and third rows folded over, it bests both the Tahoe and the Yukon by nearly ten cubic feet of space with 104.6.

In addition to this, the Expedition simply has more cargo volume behind the second and third rows.

The GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe offer the same amount of cargo space. It’s a decent volume for most adventures, but doesn’t hold a candle to the competitor.

2018 Expedition vs 2018 Tahoe vs 2018 Yukon: Performance

In order to power through rough roads and long drives, your SUV needs to come equipped with a powerful and carefully optimized engine.

The 2018 Chevy Tahoe and the GMC Yukon offer a standard 5.3L ECOTEC®3 V8 engine. This outfit employs Active Fuel Management® and Variable Valve Timing to streamline power flow and fuel consumption.

Nevertheless, with 355 HP and 383 lb-ft of torque, the Yukon and the Tahoe still manage to fall short of the Expedition.

In the Ford Expedition, you’ll have a standard 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 with Ti-VCT. Though it may have fewer cylinders, the SUV is able to produce even more power at 375 HP and 470 lb-ft of torque. And because of optimized EcoBoost® technology, it places less strain on your performance—boosting the reliability of the vehicle.

Expedition vs Tahoe vs Yukon: Towing

2018 Ford Expedition Towing TechnologyConsidering the overall differences in horsepower and torque among these SUVs, it should come as no surprise that towing capacities differ as well.

With the available Heavy-Duty Trailer Towing Package, the Ford Expedition is able to tow as much as 9,300 pounds. Hitch up a boat or a camper for your next big trip. The Expedition can handle it!

The Tahoe has a max trailering capacity of 8,600 pounds, while the Yukon maxes out at 8,500 pounds. Obviously, this comes pretty close. Nevertheless, in a matchup of sheer brawn, the Expedition comes out ahead. 

Choose the Right Full-Size SUV for Your Family

When you pit the Ford Expedition vs. the Chevy Tahoe vs. the GMC Yukon, the Expedition just seems to come out on top, time and again. Its power, reliability, and cargo space can’t be matched by the competition.

Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Avon area drivers can get to know the Expedition better at Andy Mohr Ford. Contact us today for more information!